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Shanxi Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Enterprise profile

Focus on building a first-class smart agglomeration area. At present, the company adopts the internationally leading methanol ammonia oxidation method to produce sodium cyanide device, which has the advantages of high safety level, high environmental standards, high device output, and high product quality.

In 1978, the Lingchuan Chemical Plant in Shanxi Province was established. It is a professional manufacturer of sodium cyanide series products in Shanxi Province by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of China.

In August 2006, the company was restructured. Shanxi Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was established. The business model of the enterprise has been successfully transformed. It is also the only professional manufacturer of sodium cyanide series products in Shanxi Province.

In July 2007, the company established Shunlida Transportation Co., Ltd., which realized the independent transportation service model for domestic products in China. Greatly improve transportation efficiency and service quality.

In 2010, the company won the Shanxi Provincial Credit Enterprise and Shanxi Excellent Enterprise Awards. It has become a major leading enterprise in Shanxi Province and northern China.

In May 2012, the company realized self-support export and entered a new chapter of multi-channel marketing. The company's products received unanimous praise and good reputation in the same industries.

In December 2017, the company became the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Shanxi Province. The company's strategy is geared towards diversification and technology. Productivity and production quality have steadily improved.

In June 2018, the company established a biochemical industry cluster area, which received government endorsement and strong support. The industrial zone aims to build a first-class intelligent park and strives to make new and greater contributions to the social economy.

In 2018, with an investment of 300 million RMB and covering an area of more than 300,000 square meters, the construction of the process tail gas recovery and automation transformation project of Shanxi Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was completed. It fully embodies the company's green concept of sustainable development.

In April 2019, the company responded to the “technological transformation” and independently operated the characteristic industry agglomeration area with the government's approval and support. The agglomeration area adheres to the development concept of "green, safety, recycling, and wisdom". The research and development platform in the agglomeration area “the cyanide industry incubation base” will become the strongest engine for the development of the agglomeration area and the most complete cyanide chemical incubation base in China.

In 2020, after the coronavirus storm, the company will stick to its original aspirations and focus on building a first-class smart agglomeration area. Increase investment promotion, continue to enrich the industrial construction of the agglomeration area, and make unremitting efforts to create a "tens of billions" agglomeration area.

In 2022, the company won the title of "Little Giant" in Shanxi Province, specializing in market segmentation, product innovation, high market share, mastering key core technologies, and becoming the leader of the province with excellent quality and efficiency.

At present, the company's main best-selling products are sodium cyanide, sodium Ferrocyanide decahydrate and gold dressing agent. The company has its own production workshop for special packaging steel drums for sodium cyanide.The leading product sodium cyanide has an annual production capacity of  20,000 tons of solids.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, Hongsheng Company adheres to the tenet of "all for customers", and continually to "build corporate culture and strengthen internal management". Determined to improve the quality of products and services, and sincerely advance hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life to create a better future!