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Construction of characteristic industrial zones

Jincheng Lingchuan Characteristic industrial agglomeration Area is located in Pingcheng Town, Lingchuan County, Shanxi Province. It is one of the first batch of 12 characteristic industrial agglomeration areas approved and confirmed by the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission on April 24, 2019. It is one of the fine chemical industry agglomeration bases that have undergone scientific and technological transformation and leapfrogged development in Shanxi Province.The agglomeration area adopts the operation model of “government participation, full authorization, franchise, and self-financing”. Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., the leading enterprise in the area authorized by the Lingchuan County People's Government, will lead the operation. In the construction, we adhere to the development concept of “green, safe, circular, and smart”, extend the industrial chain, form an industrial cluster with horizontal integration and vertical development, and create a high-quality smart park.

Geographic location
The agglomeration area is ideally located, bordering Huguan County to the north, 13 kilometers away from the S80 Gaoling Expressway and 60 kilometers away from the G4 Expressway. It is close to the 207 National Highway, which is about to start construction, and 1 kilometer away from Pingqu and Pinglin Roads. The former Changling Highway runs through the north and south, with fast and convenient transportation.

Planning and construction
The terrain of the agglomeration area is flat, which is convenient for centralized layout. The total planned area is 4.11 square kilometers, and the construction implementation period is 2019-2035.In 2020, the reserve will complete 1,000 mu of land in Tongtong Yiping, and the total amount of land in the agglomeration area will reach 3,000 mu by 2025, which can meet the landing of enterprises entering the park and introducing projects at any time.

In 2020, the agglomeration area will rely on leading enterprises to build a fine chemical cluster base with hydrocyanic acid extension. The first phase of the infrastructure project has a total investment of 600 million yuan, a construction area of 150,000 square meters, and a total length of 2.1 kilometers of roads in the area. It has built 1 110KV substation, 1 35KV substation, 1 smart supply chain management and integrated service platform, 1 sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 2000m3, 1 new coal bed methane station with a daily gas supply of 25,000 cubic meters, and 1 water supply pipeline with a daily gas supply of 10,000 cubic meters. Gradually realize the “nine links and one level” infrastructure construction of “three water, three electricity, two gas, and one road”.At present, there are 8 established enterprises in the region, covering an area of 230 mu; 220 mu of land has been reserved for the completion of the three links, which can meet the landing of 2-3 projects at any time; 280 mu of land has been reserved, and 700 mu of new reserve land will be added in 2020, with a total reserve of 1,000 mu.
Development direction Development direction

In 2020, the agglomeration area will be based on the industrial resources and information resources of Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., an existing high-tech enterprise in the area; broaden investment ideas, vigorously implement “going global, introducing in”, connect and communicate with well-known enterprises, and strive to introduce industrial chain projects based on hydrocyanic acid-based fine chemicals, new material series, medical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, and dye series.

In the future, we will give full play to our industrial, geographical and spatial advantages, base on clustering, intensification and economic cooperation, and give full play to the attitude of “shop second” and continue to increase investment attraction and improve the supporting facilities and service system of the agglomeration area. Work.

We warmly welcome everyone to come to our district for on-site visits. We hope that we will enhance consensus and work together to create a ”green, safe, circular and smart" high-end industrial cluster area, so as to make due contributions to the economic and social development of Lingchuan County, Shanxi Province and even the whole country.