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Methods of supply chain management and optimization



Supply chain management and optimization methods are many, and each enterprise is not the same, from the countless classic cases found a special phenomenon: some of the very cattle supply chain, most of the general seems to be the wrong strategy (not to learn from the case to make the strategy), such as ZARA, such as DELL, their supply chain is indeed very good, but their supply chain strategy is almost very difficult to be transplanted.

Therefore, it is better to learn from other people's supply chain than to settle down and focus on researching your own supply chain. Why? The reason is: each enterprise is different, each has its own characteristics, and since the supply chain is the enterprise's prescription, the prescription it adopts is also different.

For example, if an enterprise is strong in aspect A and weak in aspect B, the supply chain it adopts is weak in aspect A and strong in aspect B, which is exactly complementary to each other. If you do not analyze and hastily introduce his supply chain, for him, is a set of computer running well in the software, for you, the implant is a virus! Because of this, it is decided that the supply chain system of your business can not be copied, is because of this can not be copied, it is decided that the core competitiveness of your business can not be replaced. This is the core, is fundamental.

The following briefly introduces a few cases of "applying different methods of supply chain":

(1) Toyota, Nike, Nissan, McDonald's and Apple have implemented supply chain management from the perspective of network chain;

(2) Shell Oil has optimized its supply chain by developing the information system SIMON (Stock Management Order Network) through IBM's Lotus Notes;

(3) Li & Fung's approach to supply chain optimization is based on integrating suppliers' perspectives by unifying and integrating the manufacturing resources of all supplying manufacturers in production and operating as a whole;

(4) HP Printers and Toyota are geographically re-planning the distribution of supply and sales manufacturers of the enterprise through McKinsey consulting to fully satisfy customer needs and reduce operating costs, is based on the choice of geographical location.

(5) Procter & Gamble is through the treasure supply logistics, the use of classification methodology, with the supply chain operation of the specific circumstances of the detailed classification and the adoption of targeted strategies can achieve significant optimization of the supply chain, is based on the classification of the refinement.


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