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Sodium cyanide

Product use:Refining precious metals such as gold and silver. Used in organic synthesis industries such as dyes and electroplating.

Sodium Ferrocyanide

Product use: Used to make blue pigments, paint dyes, and raw materials for the production of red blood salt.

Environmental protection Gold Dress Agent

Product use: Used for heap leaching, pool leaching and stirring leaching carbon slurry process of gold-bearing oxide ore.

Evolution of Supply Chain Management Theory

With regard to the origin of supply chain management theory, scholars' claims are not consistent.Croom et al. believe that the exact origin of SCM is not very clear, and that it has developed in two main ways.

Operational mechanisms of supply chain management

Supply chain cooperation mechanism embodies the strategic partnership and the integration and optimal use of internal and external resources. Based on this enterprise environment, the product manufacturing process, from product research and development to the market, the cycle is greatly shortened, and customer-oriented (customization) to a higher degree, modularization, simplification of products, standardized components, so that the enterprise in the changing market flexibility and agility significantly enhanced, virtual manufacturing and dynamic alliances to improve the business outsourcing (outsourcing) strategy to take advantage of the degree. Virtual manufacturing and dynamic alliances have increased the utilization of outsourcing strategies.

Trends in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is by far the most advanced form of enterprise logistics development. Although supply chain management is very complex, and dynamic and changeable, many enterprises have already gained rich experience and achieved remarkable results in the practice of supply chain management. The current development of supply chain management is showing some obvious trends:

Key issues in supply chain management

As a matter of fact, supply chain management is a complex system involving many enterprises with different objectives and involving all aspects of the enterprise, therefore, the implementation of supply chain management must ensure that it is necessary to clarify the thinking, prioritize and seize the key issues. Only in this way can we see the "trees", but also see the "forest", to avoid falling into the "trees, do not see the forest" or "only see the forest, do not see the trees" awkward situation. Not see the trees" embarrassing situation.

Context of the era in which supply chain management is proposed

Throughout the world's technological and economic development, the degree of global integration is increasing and cross-border operations are becoming more and more common. As far as manufacturing is concerned, the design of a product may be in Japan, while the procurement of raw materials may be in mainland China or Brazil, and the production of parts and components may be carried out simultaneously in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc.,

Methods of supply chain management and optimization

Supply chain management and optimization methods are many, and each enterprise is not the same, from the countless classic cases found a special phenomenon: some of the very cattle supply chain, most of the general seems to be the wrong strategy (not to learn from the case to make the strategy), such as ZARA, such as DELL, their supply chain is indeed very good, but their supply chain strategy is almost very difficult to be transplanted.

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